Bradford Transport Proposals: Bradford Council Meeting

Next Tuesday, Tuesday 25 March 2014, Caroline Hyde and Mrs Lubomski, Headteacher of Sacred Heart, Ilkley, supported by parents, will be handing our petition to Bradford Council at their meeting in City Hall at 4pm.

We hope to highlight that the proposal to scrap free transport to “faith” schools is poorly thought out and discriminatory. It will not produce the savings officials have highlighted. In this area it will act solely against Catholic families, any savings could only be made by expecting our parents to pay nearly £400 per year for transport for each future pupil. Parents may feel they have to drive children to school causing additional traffic, safety and environmental issues.

If parents feel unable to take on these additional costs, they may choose to send their children to other schools. All our local schools are oversubscribed, which will in turn mean other local children will be denied places at their nearest school. Ironically this will result in the Council sending these children to schools outside our area and having to pay for their transport.

Please support our campaign if you will be affected, if you currently receive free transport for your children and to help safeguard Catholic education in this area. Write to your local councillor and if possible come and support us at the Council meeting. Further details are available on the schools’ websites.

Chairman of schools trust speaks out over pupil transport cost-cutting [BRADFORD TELEGRAPH & ARGUS]