St. Mary's Menston graded outstanding in Section 48 Inspection

St. Mary’s once again judged OUTSTANDING.

I am pleased to provide you with the report of our recent Section 48 inspection. This is a Diocesan inspection looking at The Catholic Life of The School, Collective Worship and Religious Education. The inspection involved two inspectors in school completing a range of assessment activities on 20th and 21st June. 

I am delighted with the outcome, where the grade awarded by the inspectors for the overall effectiveness of the school is OUTSTANDING. In order to achieve this overall grade, the school was graded as OUTSTANDING in all of the sub-categories of the inspection.


The inspection team provided the following reasons for awarding this grade:

  • St Mary’s is a deeply committed and caring Catholic community, characterised by outstanding leadership and dedicated staff, united in wholeheartedly witnessing to the Catholic mission of the school. 

  • Almost all pupils at St Mary’s are committed to the school’s mission. They are actively involved and benefit greatly from their participation in the Catholic Life of the school. Pupils know how the school’s mission relates to them in their own lives. 

  • Pupils speak highly of the chaplaincy provision. The school offers opportunities for pupils to be actively involved in Catholic Life on a formal basis through the Faith in Action Group, The Global Warriors and more recently through the St Vincent De Paul Group, and on an informal basis through the many fundraising events organised. 

  • Leaders and governors have ensured that the Catholic Life, Religious Education and Collective Worship of the school have the highest priority in its strategic improvement planning. 

  • Improvement planning is thorough and accurately identifies strengths and areas for development. 

  • The governing body is highly ambitious for the Catholic Life of the school. It is strong and leads by example. They challenge, support and monitor the Catholic Life and are passionate about it. They themselves participate in many of the school’s Catholic Life events. 

  • The provision of continuing professional development for Catholic Life, Religious Education and Collective Worship of the school is a key leadership priority. 

  • The quality of Religious Education is outstanding. 

  • Attainment in Religious Education is consistently outstanding. Progress over time is outstanding. 

I do hope that you enjoy reading the full report and that you share my pride in this great achievement for the school community. I would like to thank pupils, staff, parents and governors for their support during the inspection process.

Mr Darren Beardsley, Headteacher