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The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust

Everyone Is Welcome

The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust welcomes people of all faiths into our caring and inclusive community. As a strong family of schools with close relationships between staff and pupils, we believe that diversity enriches our learning environment and fosters a sense of understanding and acceptance.

Our core Catholic values are centred around creating a safe space where everyone feels respected, valued and supported on their educational journey. By cultivating an atmosphere of empathy, compassion and open mindedness, we strive to empower our young people to grow in confidence and courage. We encourage them to explore their individual beliefs, express themselves authentically, and engage in meaningful conversations that promote mutual understanding and tolerance.

Our school communities are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that enables all pupils to achieve their full potential, academically, emotionally and spiritually. We firmly believe that by embracing the uniqueness of each pupil, we create a thriving community where everyone can flourish.