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The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust

Our Central Team

The services provided by our central team are designed to:

  • Support the Trust Board and its Academy Councils in fulfilling their responsibilities towards children, staff, parents, the Diocese and the DFE;
  • Manage the risks facing schools and the Trust as a whole;
  • Ensure compliance with legal obligations and good practice;
  • Safeguard the sustainability of Catholic education in the Trust’s area of the Diocese and support Catholic education across the Diocese and wider region;
  • Achieve value for money for taxpayers; and
  • Free up the time of headteachers and other educational professionals from excessive administration and resource management to enable them to spend more time on teaching and pastoral care for our children.


Services and Resources

The central team provides the following services and resources:



Educational Standards and Catholic Life

  • The Lead on Catholic Life in Primary Schools
  • The Standards Lead for Secondary Schools
  • The Standards Lead for Primary Schools


 Trust Leadership and Management

  • Training, professional advice and incidental expenses for the Trust’s directors and governors
  • A Chief Executive Officer, leading all the Trust staff
  • A Chief Operating Officer, leading the Trust central administrative team



Estates and Facilities Management

  • The Head of Estates, together with an Assistant Estates Manager, managing the Trust’s capital budget and projects, managing the Trust’s estates management compliance and maintenance systems, and advising and training school site staff.
  • An external professional advisor and ‘competent person’ on health and safety.



Governance and Data Protection

  • The Head of Governance who also acts as the Trust’s Company Secretary, Clerk to the Trust Board and Data Protection Officer, and leads the Trust’s team of clerks to academy councils, supported by the Governance Assistant. The Governance team provides advice and support to our Directors, Governors and staff in the following areas: 
  • Data protection systems and procedures.
  • Advice and assistance to schools in managing parental complaints.
  • Advice on Suspensions and Exclusions.
  • Ensuring compliance with Company Law, Charity Law and DfE statutory guidance. 




  • The Head of Finance, leading the whole Finance function.
  • The Finance Team, including  Finance Managers supporting Headteachers and other budget-holders, and Finance Assistants administering the finance system.
  • The Payroll Team, which is in-house to ensure a value-for-money service.
  • The procurement officer who pursues Trust-wide procurement efficiencies as well as ensuring compliance with procurement legislation.
  • Finance, payroll and procurement IT systems.
  • External and internal audit.
  • Actuarial pension valuations.
  • The Apprenticeship Levy for the Trust.



Human Resources

  • The Head of HR leads the team of HR Business Partners and Assistants providing a full range of HR and safeguarding administration services to schools.  Working closely with Senior Leaders and Office Managers, the HR Team offer support and advice to our schools ensuring the best possible outcomes for all, together with enhancing the Trust's reputation as an employer of choice.









 Other services

  • Legal advice
  • An IT system and IT support for the central team
  • Professional advice on marketing schools to fill pupil places
  • Office and meeting facilities in the two high schools