Changes if a school decides to become an academy

Governing bodies need to consider each point in detail before reaching a conclusion on academy conversion


  • Academies will continue to serve the parish communities in which they are based as well as the wider community. Close working relationships will be an important part of the success of our Catholic education provision
  • Home – Academy – Parish agreements will still be appropriate
  • A complaints policy is required
  • The code of practice on admissions and appeals is statutory for academies
  • The rules on pupil exclusions continue to apply
  • Ofsted will inspect academies
  • The Freedom of Information Act applies to academies
  • Public tendering and procurement rules apply to academies


  • Academies are independent schools and would not retain VA (Voluntary Aided) status though they are subject to many of the same laws eg employment, equalities, SEN (Special Educational Needs) etc.
  • Freedom from the National Curriculum
  • Freedom from the LA (Local Authority)
  • Ability to set own admissions
  • Employment of staff
  • Responsibility for premises
  • Health and safety responsibilities
  • Financial requirements (because Academies no longer pay VAT)
  • Charitable and company law
  • Indemnity insurance
  • Accountable to Secretary of State for Education
  • Support for other schools