CMAT Mission Statement


Where every child, member of staff, family, parish and school matters.

“Where every child matters and where safety, well-being, enjoyment, tolerance, respect and dignity are reflected in all aspects of school life. Pupils are cherished for who they are, as much as for what they achieve and all achievement is recognised and celebrated”


Schools of Discipleship, Diocese of Leeds

Our schools are distinctively Catholic, with Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church at the centre of all we do, with the liturgical, sacramental and spiritual life.

We will work together to:

  • provide the best possible opportunities for every child
  • Provide assistance to parents
  • Serve the Diocese, parishes and homes
  • Provide a service to society.


Jesus Christ at the centre

In all we do including curriculum, pastoral care, spiritual development and how we treat and develop our staff.

Education of the whole person

Recognising that each individual is made in God’s image.

Strive for excellence

In all we do as an integral part of the spiritual quest.  Centres of excellence in Religious Education and the wider curriculum.

Education of all

To aim to provide the best for all with a particular duty of care for the poor and disadvantaged.

Common Good

We will all work together with responsibility for each other, to help and support in solidarity.  We will be collaborative, committed to working in partnership within the CMAT and with the wider community.  We are committed to the principle of reciprocity, so we will work together, providing mutual support.


A strength of our schools is that they are all distinctive and rooted in their local parish communities. All decisions should be made as close to grass roots as good governance allows.

Inclusive evolution

A basic tenant of the Diocesan principles is that no school should be left behind. We will constantly look to involve and serve other diocesan schools within our geographic area, developing structures and services that are available to all.


We will continue to look outwards and work in partnership with all schools and the wider community to the benefit of all.

The CMAT for this area covers two secondary schools and their feeder schools. Each school will maintain its distinctive identity at the heart of the community.  As part of the CMAT and within the diocese, each school can strengthen even further Catholic Education.

The existing links will be maintained and hopefully strengthened between ALL schools.  If a school chooses not to convert to become an academy, it is vital that there is no detriment to the effective relationships which we already have.