JP2F4S Aim High For All national programme launched in our Trust

John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport chose St Stephen's, Skipton to launch its new ‘Aim High For All’ Virtues programme (AHFA), endorsed by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Photo: Fr Vladimir Felzmann, JP2F4S CEO with school leaders from across our Trust, at the launch of the Aim High For All programme at St Stephen's, Skipton

The AHFA programme was unveiled in Yorkshire, on 24 November 2016 as it was in this county that some three years ago JP2F4S first asked schools to road-test the three pilot booklets that make up the programme.

Thanks to the input from these schools – and the contribution from many other sources around the country JP2F4S now have an outstanding programme.

The AHFA programme is now being rolled out around the country over the next six months. The programme, designed for 7 to 16 year olds, is flexible and it can be taught in PSHE classes, PE or Religious Education lessons and even used for assemblies.

The three Virtues Booklets are designed to support young people in developing the physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional aspects of their lives by focusing on the eight values found in the Beatitudes and the virtues that evolve through self-awareness.

Each booklet examines in a practical way the eight virtues through which each of the eight values found in the Beatitudes can be lived. As we say at JP2F4S, ‘virtues make values visible’.

Sport is not only good for health and fellowship but, in keeping with the JP2F4S strapline, Educating young people through sport it can, in the right hands with the right mind-set, become educational and furnish young people with the virtues – the life-skills – they will need to fulfil their God-given potential.