Mini Vinnies at St. Joseph's Harrogate

Mini Vinnies is an organisation that encourages young people to turn their concerns into action and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since our inauguration in February 2016!

Photo: We are all incredibly proud to be part of our school’s Mini Vinnie group. 

We have been busy raising money for the Little Sisters of the Poor in Leeds after two of their nuns came to talk to us about the incredible work they do to help elderly people in need. They really inspired us and we organised a pancake sale on Shrove Tuesday. Everyone at school enjoyed a delicious pancake and several parents bought some after school, helping us to raise almost £100.

We enjoyed meeting people from our parish’s Saint Vincent de Paul Society at one of their coffee ‘n chat afternoons. It was really interesting listening to how they help people in our community and they gave us lots of ideas about the little things we can all do to make a big difference.

Our President, Martha Rhodes, also completed a sponsored 5km run to raise funds for the Little Sisters, we are all so proud of her for undertaking the challenge and raising over £40!

Children at school have been buying tickets from us for our big Easter Egg raffle! This is always a very popular fundraiser and we are hoping to smash last year’s total!

Mini Vinnies are Primary School children aged between 7 to 11 (or younger) who, with the permission of their parents and carers and the support of their Schools, are encouraged to embark on their first steps as possible 'Vincentians for life'.