St Mary's Knaresborough Robinwood 2016

Photo gallery and quotes from pupils.

''At Robinwood I learnt that I was determined and brave throughout the activities. I showed this skill in the 'Dungeon of Doom' when I  worked with my class and solved puzzles together.''

''At Robinwood I learnt I can stay at somewhere new and there is no point being scared of heights! I will use my new skills at school so I can do new things.''

''My favourite activity was trapeze because we got to climb to the platform & jump. I caught the bar each time.''

''My favourite activity was bouldering  because you needed to fit through small gaps as well as that we cheered each other on.''

'' At Robinwood I learnt that if you try, try & try you get better, better & better.''

''I liked everything, but I liked the Piranha Pool the most because we were in a tropical forest.'

'' At Robinwood I learnt that I am determined and I can achieve things even when I am scared. I showed this when I climbed to the top of the Climbing Wall.''

''My favourite activity was the Piranha pool because everybody was helping each other.''

''At Robinwood I learnt that I could encourage my teammates on the trapeze. My favourite activity was the climbing wall because it involved everybody.''

''My favourite activity was the trapeze because it was really fun to jump & swing on the bar and fly in the air.''

''I am going to show more determination in school now. When I can't get on with my work, I am going to try & do it myself rather than just asking the teachers!''

''At Robinwood I learnt there is no reason to be scared of heights.'' 

Robinwood specialises in residential adventure courses for children aged 8 to 11 years