Health and Fitness Week at Holy Name, Cookridge

The children throughout school this week have taken part in Health and Fitness week and had an amazing time

On Monday Years 2,3,4,5 and 6 took part in the Road to Rio workshop where they learnt dances from around the world including Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Ghana. The facilitator was amazed by the children's behaviour, effort and ability to learn the dances. They performed the dances brilliantly to the whole school and parents in the afternoon. We are all ready for the Olympics now!

On Tuesday the whole school took part in the inflatable obstacle course. The children worked in mixed ability classes to support and encourage each other and they showed fantastic sportsmanship. It was great fun and lots of laughter rang out across the  eld – even the adults enjoyed it!

On Wednesday we had the highly successful Sports Day, well organised by Mrs Waugh. Again the children showed excel- lent sportsmanship, supporting their class mates and trying their absolute best. It was wonderful to see so many parents, family and friends a end.

Throughout the week, classes have had some basic First Aid training using the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Heart Start’ program. From Reception to Year 5 children have learnt what to do in an emergency if there is no one else around to help them. Years 4 and 5 did a fantastic job learning the recovery position and everyone was extremely sensible. We have also been thinking about maintaining a healthy life style, thinking about exercise and fitness, learning new skills (skipping) and thinking about how we can look a er our bodies with what we eat. Great fun was had discussing our favourite foods and deciding if they were healthy choices or not! To finish off Year 4 went to have their lunch at Gusto – naturally making healthy choices about what to eat!

It’s been a very busy week in school, but we have all learnt lots about our own health and fitness whilst having lots of fun!

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