St. Joseph's Harrogate Year 5

What have Year 5 been learning about so far this year?

Stunning Science!  

In class 5, we have been learning about space. So far we have looked at planets, the stars, the sun and much more. We found lots of facts out such as the distances between the planets and even looked at a show called Stargazing. When we have finished with our research we will create the next episodes for Stargazing. We are not just learning about this in Science, we are also reading books about space and our English work is linked to a book called 'Cosmic'. I think that this will be a fun topic to learn about.

Written by Charlene.

Our Class Saints


This term so far, we have learnt a lot about our class saints, The Fatima Children. We found out all about them and made information leaflets,  sun spinners and painted pictures. It has been really fun.

Written by Imogen