St. Mary's Menston School Production 2017

Fame – The Musical Performed at St. Mary’s, Menston

Fame The Musical (2017)

Audiences at St. Mary’s, Menston were treated to three incredible performances of the musical Fame.  Each performance was a huge success and once again St. Mary’s students surpassed themselves with their talent and professionalism.

Fame - The Musical is a spin off from the well-loved film of the same name.  The story is set some years after the film, and although the show tells of a new era of characters, the love of performing arts and the drama of the High School of Performing Arts is at the heart of the show.  The story unfolds as each of the students juggles creative and academic education, guided by their dedicated teachers.

Fame is the most diverse show ever staged at St. Mary’s, showcasing the wide range of talents the school’s students have in Performing Arts (Music, Drama and Dance).  The music was extremely difficult and special credit must be given to Kathryn Bradley (Year 11), Dan Cullen (Year 9), Oliver Horan and Harrison Smith (both Year 12) who performed in the band to such a high standard, alongside several staff members.

Matthew Hickie (Tyrone Jackson) and Jess Smith (Iris Kelly) worked tirelessly to choreograph their own duets and challenged each other with different styles of dance, performing beautifully.

Caragh Casserly played Carmen Diaz and her interpretation of the character showed a maturity beyond her years.  An outstanding performance.  

”The production was a huge success. I would like to thank the whole cast for their dedication and hard work. It really was testament to their teamwork and support for one another that made this show so special.”
— Miss Claire Andrews, Creative Faculty Leader and Production Director
“I am extremely grateful to all staff and students for their dedication in the execution of such a wonderful production.”
— Mr Darren Beardsley, Headteacher

Photo: Cast photo taken on the evening of the Final Performance

Photo: Cast photo taken on the evening of the Final Performance

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