Dinosaur Week at Holy Name Cookridge

What a wonderful week. The children have enjoyed investigating our crime scene this week and learning lots about dinosaurs. They have produced some wonderful work which Parents and Carers will be invited to see later in the term.


In class we have been looking at skeletons, the children used small and large loose parts to cre-ate them. Even father Phil popped in to help!

Year 1

This week in Year 1 we have looked at the make-up of dinosaurs and how different dinosaurs had to have body parts that did a special job. We designed a habitat for a dinosaur and thought about what we might see and find in a prehistoric landscape. We then used the habitats we made in our special stop animation videos.

Year 2

We have been very busy this week! We made three huge dinosaurs out of cardboard boxes and spent today painting them. They are looking fantastic. We have also made some stop-animations of dino stories and really enjoyed writing our newspaper reports.

Year 3

We have had lots of fun this week investigating what the dinosaur did in our school during half term! We have also drawn geometric dinosaurs using 2D shapes, investigated how many of our footprints we could fit in one of a titanosaur's and we have used pneumatics to make our own dinosaurs move.

Year 4

We have had a fantastically fun-filled week, we started off the week making great deductions about what happened to the school then went on to creating 3D Modroc sculptures of different dinosaurs. We have worked with the rest of KS2 to create a giant dinosaur habitat, investigated which dino pooed which poo, made dinosaur biscuits and created geometric style dinosaur drawings.

Year 5

We have had a great time so far this week. They were horrified at the state of the classroom (our dinosaur visitor had really gone for it). The devastation did however leave plenty of clues behind. We have also investigated the true size of a dinosaur – just look, three children fit in one footprint. Mrs Milner worked with the class on Wednesday and they produced some fabulous Modroc dinosaurs.

Year 6

We have been immersed in dinosaurs all week. We have researched various dinosaurs, created models and written an in depth newspaper on the rogue creature which ransacked our school! We loved learning about dinosaurs in this way and can't wait for the next topic week.