Sylvia Cullen: UK Youth Parliament Elections 2018

St. Mary's Menston Year 12 student Sylvia Cullen has been successful in reaching the final stage of the UK Youth Parliament Elections


“The UKYP represents the views of young people throughout Britain. No member is affiliated with a political party, they represent their own views. If successful in being elected I would be made an MYP (Member of Youth Parliament), attend meetings in Leeds and in Parliament, make speeches and attend debates in Parliament and speak at events to represent the views of young people.  I would love to represent the young people of Leeds.”

Sylvia’s manifesto is:
“I would write a fun programme to be taught in primary schools to help children gain understanding about learning disabilities to help inclusion and understanding."

St. Mary’s have always encouraged Sylvia’s enthusiasm for this role and we would be grateful if you could spare the time to support her in casting a vote, encouraging anyone over the age of 11 to also vote.


Voting is open until 15 February 2018. Anyone between the age of 11 and 18 can vote via the following link: