St. Mary's Menston Year 8 Ullswater Residential 2018

Year 8 enjoyed a challenging and diverse experience during residential in Ullswater.

Cold? Wet? Tiring? All of the above but what a pleasure it was to be there. The Year 8 students were a credit to the school, pushing themselves beyond their limits to demonstrate Growth
Mindset in action. Whether it was wading fully-clothed through a lake, frantically finding a foothole in a sheer rock face, sharing marshmallows around a campfire or waking up in a frozen tent we all had the opportunities to find new skills and achieve what, previously, may have been considered

What impressed me most was the way in which students helped each other, overcoming difficulties and supporting one another through a variety of testing times. I hope that the friendships formed through the bonds which were created can last a lifetime. I will never forget what was a phenomenal experience and I would like to thank the students and staff, all of whom joined in whole-heartedly in making the most of the great outdoors.
— Mr Harvey, Year 8 Student Progress Leader, St. Mary's Menston