Digital Leaders' Blog at St. Mary's Horsforth

Two of our digital leaders have published their first blog post


Hello and welcome to the very first Digital Leader Blog! We have been given the task to inform you all of what's been happening in and around school this week!

This week at St. Mary's we have been EGGSTREMELY busy designing our fabulous egg creations on the theme of....Science! Well done to the lucky winners from each class, but that's not it with eggs...

On Monday, a normal day of school, we had an Easter egg raffle! 2 children from each class, one from each a key stage and an overall one were the winners of some amazing eggs!

That's enough with the EGGciting happenings, let's get on with other news!

We joined up with Holy Name and Year 4 had their very own learning experience at another school. How much did you enjoy yourselves Year 4?

We have also had a big focus on RE this week since it is Holy Week. We have explored all the events of Holy Week as well as looking at Jesus's journey on Good Friday through the Stations of the Cross.

Finally there has been a lot of sporting events this week. The hockey team represented Leeds at the West Yorkshire Games at Leeds Becket University, the Netball team had a match at home against Sacred Heart, winning a fantastic 8-2, and finally the football team had a tense game against Primrose Lane which was a quarter final match in the League. Unfortunately they lost at the very end on penalties, 4 -3. A great effort though team, well done!

And that's the very first blog! Have a great Easter!

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This will be a weekly blog during the Summer term.