Feast Day at Ss. Peter and Paul Yeadon 2018

A lovely Mass this morning to celebrate our Feast Day

“We had a wonderful ‘Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul Day’, It began with a beautiful Mass where children sang, read and prayed beautifully. Thank you to Fr John and the staff and children. I am sure any parishioners present will have felt truly uplifted by it. We had our Fish and Chip ‘picnic’’ in classrooms so that pupils would not be in the sun for too long. Thank you again to teachers who gave up most of their lunchtime to ensure that this worked for the children and the kitchen staff.

Year 6’s day finished at Wharfedale View where the children played games with the elderly residents. The room was filled with laughter and it was a real privilege to see our oldest pupils display such kindness. As our school prayer says Caring and Sharing, Laughing and Learning, Loving and Praying in all that we do! This was certainly evident today.”

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