1. Trusts to take collective responsibility for all our children
  2. Individual trusts will strengthen the family of academies including identifying opportunities for supporting the formation of young people and those who work in our schools
  3. Individual trusts will work in partnership with families and parishes to promote strong, positive links
  4. Trusts will collaborate with other diocesan academy trusts to ensure that best practice is available to all and where support is needed it is readily available creating an environment where academies support each other without being judgemental
  5. No individual academy or school will be left in a vulnerable position
  6. Unity will be maintained across the Diocese ensuring that Episcopal authority is implemented and all academies are good and improving in the spiritual, educational and pastoral provision for students and pupils.

NB: Whilst it is for a governing body to decide to convert, it is for the diocesan bishop and trustee to give consent.


There are some aspects of the Catholic education system that are considered non negotiable and any change would need to provide at least equal if not greater rights to these aspects.

  • The Articles of Association protect the Catholic ethos and purpose
  • The Scheme of Delegation for each school guides the Academy Councils to embracing the Catholic ethos and purpose.
  • Foundation governors appointed by the Bishop ensure the character and ethos of the Catholic school on behalf of the Bishop
  • RE, liturgy, prayer and collective worship as well as the curriculum must be in accordance with the norms and teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Lay Chaplains and RE Leaders must be practising Catholics
  • The admissions policy of a school must give priority to baptised Catholic children
  • The right of the Diocesan Trustee to retain ownership of its land and buildings where used for educational purposes